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Let's Write a Story Together!

Updated: Jul 8

We're going to write a story together, you and me.

A man writing on a paper

Okay, I'm going to write the words, not you. But I've decided to be lazy about it. I won't come up with any of the real ideas myself. Not the main character, not the plot. None of it. That's up to you.

Ever read one of those "choose your own adventure" books as a kid?

That's what we're going to do. You're going to choose, and I'm going to show you the adventure.

Options just ahead sign

You see, you're going to vote. Go ahead, take a sneak peek below. You know you want to. See those polls down there? You're going to choose the hero. You're going to decide what their motivation is. What's their past? Maybe the hero was an orphan like Sir Daniel. Maybe the hero is a thief on the run, maybe they're an aspiring nun or priest thrust into a conflict. And what's the conflict?

You choose. Not me. You get to do the hard part.

From now until June 29th, the below polls will be open. On July 1st, I'll post the first 3,000 words (or so) of our book, along with some new polls. You'll read and vote, and we'll repeat the process every month (don't worry, subscribe here to stay updated).

Rinse and repeat. Not too hard, right? You vote, I write, you read. We make a book together.

Check it out every month. Who knows how long the book will be? Who knows how it will end?

Who knows if it'll be any good? I suppose that's up to you.

You decide.


Note: This story has begun, so the polls below are closed. But it's not too late to join in. Follow the links below to see how the story's gone so far, and read the last chapter to vote on what happens next!


Who is the Hero?

  • Guiscard

  • Rupert

  • Elizabeth

  • Marie

What does he/she do?

  • Aspiring Nun/Priest

  • Innkeeper

  • Outlaw

  • Knight

When does he/she live?

  • 900-1000s AD

  • 1000-1100s AD

  • 1100-1200s AD

  • 1200-1300s AD


What is the hero's personality?

  • Serious/Stoic

  • Spunky/Easy-going

  • Adventurous/Rebellious

  • Sheltered/Shy

What is his/her biggest strength?

  • Courageous

  • Charitable

  • Educated

  • Resourceful

What is his/her biggest flaw?

  • Coward

  • Envious

  • Prideful

  • Stubborn


The First Scene!

  • Death of a loved one

  • Oh no! A fire!

  • Town is under siege

  • Interrupted afternoon chores

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03 juin

She overheard something that she should not have, and if she stays silent then life’s could be lost, but if she reports what she heard then her life could be in danger, because she doesn’t know who is corrupt and how many people are involved.

Bryan R. Saye
Bryan R. Saye
03 juin
En réponse à

Sounds like the beginning of a great story!

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