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Who is this guy?

Bryan currently lives in Idaho with his wonderful wife and two amazing children. Yep, that’s them right there. Lucky guy, right? He’s a happy follower of Jesus, a proud member of the United States Air Force, and an often disappointed but always dedicated fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars (This is our year!).​

He started his writing career late in life (if you consider almost 40 late), mostly because those little buggers in the back wanted to eat everyday and have health insurance. His daughter says he can't talk without teaching (and no, he’s not a teacher). According to his son, if you want to know anything else then you’ll just have to meet him (come to Idaho, it's not that cold).​

What does he write?

By drawing on real events and stories from history, Bryan writes quality fiction with powerful character arcs that display and encourage real change. Though always reflecting a Catholic worldview, he strives to write fiction that is accessible and relatable to people from all faiths and cultures that excludes no one.

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