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Storm of War


Constantinople, 1097. As an insignificant thief in the underbelly of Constantinople, Daniel wants to matter, to be known. After a botched job forces him to flee the city, he is swept up among the thousands of crusaders as they depart for the Holy Land on their mission to retake Jerusalem. Their first obstacle: Nicaea, an impenetrable city of stone walls and high towers, impervious to assault and immune to siege. 

Now a fledgling servant to a gruff Scottish knight, Daniel struggles to fit in among Saracens and Crusaders, princes and priests. Will he find his worth as he learns to live in this new world of blood and death, or will he succumb to the storm of war?

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The Kings of Israel

In this two-book series, enjoy the fictional retelling of an ancient Biblical story. Witness David’s rise to strength from humble beginnings and King Saul’s decent from the nation’s highest title.

When God speaks, shepherds and kings will hear. But will they obey?

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