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A Quick Update

It's been a while since we talked, so I thought it was about time to give a little life update. The chickens have started laying green eggs (perfect timing with a dozen eggs now $95). We've added guinea pigs to the farm and they've become my new favorite little oinkers. Can we talk about how brave these monsters are? They're literally the size of a Twinkie and they don't fear me.

But, more importantly, I've recently begun taking classes for my Masters of Fine Arts degree at Southern New Hampshire University.

What does all this mean for you?

First, no, I won't be sharing my green eggs. They're mine, get your own chickens. And no, I won't be trying green ham with my green eggs.

But on a more serious note, my schooling won't change things much. I'll still be finishing the Crusader Chronicles. I love exploring Daniel, Amina, and Hendry, and their story is far from over. So you can expect a third installment sometime in the future. Hopefully by the end of the year, but we'll see. More updates to come as I have them. (Self promotion plug: Subscribe if you haven't already for the fastest updates).

One of the great things about going to school for creative writing is that most of my homework is...drum roll...creative writing. And since I often receive prompts or specific requirements about what to write, I have bits of short fiction just laying around that will never make it into one of my books. You can look forward to me dropping them here as time goes on. I'd love to know what you think about these little nuggets of flash fiction. Sometimes it's something waaay out of my comfort zone, but even then it ends up being kind of fun. Honestly, any chance I get to write is fun. I hope it's fun for you, too.

I love exploring Daniel, Amina, and Hendry, and their story is far from over.

Those of you who've followed me from the start know that I've self-published all of my books. The intent behind the MFA is to no longer do this. David's and Daniel's stories (current and future books) will always remain self-published. For those of you who don't know, self-publishing is a ton of work, especially to ensure that you guys receive quality books. I have to be an editor, a cover designer, a book formatter, and much much more. Unfortunately, writer is probably my fourth or fifth title.

I'd like to change that.

So, the goal is traditional publishing in the future. (Any of you know an agent?)

A Question?

I'd like to end this with a question: Aside from Biblical and/or Historical Fiction, what is your favorite genre of fiction to read? Feel free to pick multiple answers.

Favorite Genre

  • Science Fiction

  • Fantasy

  • Thriller/Mystery

  • General or Contemporary Fiction

You can vote for more than one answer.

And that's about it. Thanks for taking the time to listen, and keep an eye out for this little nuggets of flash fiction I'll be dropping in the future.

Also, feel free to drop a comment below and let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from you.

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